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CSP sports collection

Over the past week I have worked towards using what I have learnt in a new space here is a few of the moments I captured.IMG_2591

This water shot I like for its errors. Although the light was not enough to use a huge shutter speed I managed to get it around 1/125 which was enough to still the action . The strong horizontal lines help show movement and chaos.

As is my style I love colour so in the edit I brought the aqua up as well as the red. I am also fond of the range of expressions with each of the subjects. However the narrow aperture is more out of necessity as I only had access to the in door florescent light.

It is also brightest in the centre which grabs the eye and is then guided in a zig zag way along the lines until it reaches the round shapes of each head,



I like this photo due to the mirrored body shape each of the subjects is making. By having common shapes it encourages our eyes to compare them to one another. This starts at our subject who is the one in focus and brightest which draws our first glance here then goes deeper into the image following the other shapes creating depth. This is also true to the round shape of the exercise balls.

This also has a strong use of thirds. The top third which is also at a slight angel is an implied line of the arms. This parallel line gives a sense of stillness and strength which is further implied with the vertical lines of the bodies.

Furthermore as all the subjects are looking out of frame this makes the audience wonder what they are looking at, and if its the same thing then it may well be the thing making them become so still,


I like this image as it is selective, as an audience we do not need to see the subjects face or the lower half of her body to know what is going on in this frame.

Personaly I like the detachment from the subject as you cannot see if she is struggling in a moment of stillness or if she is enjoying it as the body language is fairly neutral with her head tilted up perhaps looking at someone else. I also feel as the frame is slightly tilted gives even higher level of uncertainty and was left on purpose even though it is easily corrected and is juxtaposed to the strong vertical lines of the arms on the power points on the right third,



After a few classes and using up all the passable close up low angles I could find I attempted to capture more of the space than oh here are people working out. this image is strong in its simplicity as it is the collection of bags from the class. In essence just giving to the audience “here is what it is, understand from it”










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This video has been the biggest help with me when it comes to photos


Things that I instinctively know but not why i use these methods. Think that comes as i have never studied photography.


What is my subject?

how do I want it to feel?

what do I want it to say?


light,shape, texture and colour and perspective all effect the mood.


bright, sharp colourful warm colour braw attention from the eye



vertical lines are strong

horizontal lines show symmetry,

negative space creates breathing and thinking room.


I will be exploring these different methods in the coming weeks and will be posting my results. Smile

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The Basic Headshot


Ok good enough knowing settings but lets get to know the people in front of the camera.

Peter Hurley is a powerful guy when it comes to photography and has a great view to photos that you should not even worry about the photography.

some summarised key points that I picked up on are

1. Never say “smile” make them smile by story’s.

2. Keep it real and talk about life whether it be yours or theirs.

3. Dumb down the importance of the shoot (equipment).

4. shoot 100 keep 10 Smile

5. Learn to retouch and not make it look retouched. and send with https://wetransfer.com/


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First post of 2012

With new photos happening every day and more and more events I thought was about time that I started to post my development once more.


Most of all because of the recent works into setting up our post graduate production company Digital-Flow LTD. We already have a website at www.digital-flow.co.uk which, although not finished, holds a nice collection of our work.

Thought I would start with my recent experiments into light painting. The whole set is http://www.flickr.com/photos/tlftmedia/sets/72157628525740239/


All these photos were taken around Coventry With Alex Rawson. 1 was near the under croft and was our first attempt at the location with a log exposure and an external flash to brighten up the environment.

2 Was my idea as I wanted to get that little bit higher but was a bit risky jumping down.

3 was a great idea from Alex but attracted a bit of attention from university staff as was close to the campus buildings. none the less I like the contrast of the darker area with the sparks and the bright buildings around.

4 again was another attempt from the dreadlock Ed throwing the sparks wherever he pleased.

5 Finally was Alex’s last attempt moving away from the camera attempting to set fire as he goes Smile

I hope you enjoyed this little set since then I have bought the equipment to do my own light painting back in Essex next week as well as a few more updates as and when they happen.

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Coming soon XD



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Edward Taylor PPP

For my PPP I have been working throughout the year to get funding to create a media company that will be able to supply competitive media services primarily to bands, venues and events.

After going through workshops at the chamber of commerce and self employment workshops with create futures within the ICE building we have secured funding with the student enterprise fund to obtain the equipment needed to follow through with this venture.

This however is not the only asset to the company as we have been able to get two photographers involved a graphic designer and a special effects editor.

From starting this project we have gained contacts to over 100 different musical artists around Coventry as well as putting gigs on in The Cross, Taylor Johns and Rosie Malone’s.

The main reason for doing this is to get the company’s name into the music scene in Coventry as we have found out there is little money in running these small scale events, on the other hand this is invaluable to get to gauge their potential in the greater market.

On top of this we have been going to other events and taking free photos of the live artists to allow them to see the level of work we are able to achieve, with our company brand on of course.

The work has even at this point started to come in just from doing free work for one band called Defeat from the jaws of victory they have since commissioned us to complete a music video for them and since then have booked us to do another two videos.

I have learned a lot from this continues practise in the market and feel as though by getting the funding and already getting the impressive contact list by meeting people and handing out our business cards, we have a great opportunity to push forwards and make our own place within this market in Coventry.

I have also found out that my skills are not nessisaraly where I thought they were. From working as a photographer for the Kasbah, taking picture of random arty things in town and sports photos I have developed a keen eye for my photography work when I have always seen myself as an editor.

I am not willing to just be the company’s photographer as I will be going out my way to develop my illustration skills and my skills in after effects.

So in conclusion I have been pushing for my next step after university and will be getting my portfolio together even after university as we will have the time and equipment to construct my own future.

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Artist statement


I create new media resonance of live events to attempt to bridge the gap of the social immediate event and the constructed window of the world that is media.

In doing this i wish to help bands and events self promote over social network platforms and help bands further understand themselves as institutions.

By deconstructing the present environment and selectively reconstructing narrative by using pre existing signifiers i help the audience better understand the event.

After working in promotion and as a photographer for one of the largest and successful nightclubs in Coventry i saw that the club actively edits the present through music, lighting, smoke machines and bubble machines. but often did not reach a greater audience through their online following apart from the images on the websites and flyers.

nearing the end of uni i have formed the new media company, TooLateForThursday and secured funding to create the opportunities for like minded media students to gain the experience in event organisation and new media coverage.

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